What Sets Us Apart

Advanced, Custom Orthodontic Care

Our smiles are an important part of who we are, how the world sees us, and how we feel about ourselves. When we’re self-conscious about misaligned teeth, we tend to feel uncertain around others, and worry about what they’re thinking. As a result, we tend to be less social and avoid interactions.

When our teeth are straight and healthy, though, a new world opens: We know our smile looks incredible and that increases our self-esteem and the confidence with which we greet the world. A beautiful smile sets our minds at ease and we’re comfortable meeting and talking with others, and smiling without concern.

Dominion Orthodontics doctors and team know the power of a beautiful smile: Every day we see our patients transform as they achieve their best smile!

Your Orthodontic Plan

You are an individual, with unique clinical and aesthetic concerns, as well as personal goals. We appreciate your uniqueness and will always be attentive to your specific needs.

At your complimentary orthodontic consultation, we’ll ask about your life, hobbies, treatment goals, and any concerns you might have. Following your exam, our doctors will create your custom care plan, which addresses all of your needs, not just your teeth. This ensures the strongest, most wonderful results for your smile and the best orthodontic experience.

We’ll walk you through the plan, and explain what’s happening in your mouth, what Dr. Mei or Dr. Pratt recommends, and why she feels it’s right for you. We’ll also talk about treatment options, your responsibilies as a braces patient, and finances; it’s essential for you to make an informed decision about your new smile!

You Are Our Top Priority

Our approach to orthodontics goes beyond tailored treatment plans: We are all people-oriented and enjoy building a rapport with each patient. We want to learn who you are, celebrate your achievements, encourage your dreams, and become your friends. We’ll be by your side at every step of your orthodontic journey!

At Dominion Orthodontics, we emphasize education. It’s important that you understand the role oral health plays in your overall health and vice versa, so we’ll teach you how to care for your mouth and your body. We want you to finish with a smile you love and the know-how and passion to keep it healthy and beautiful!

Schedule Your Complimentary Orthodontic Consultation

To learn how we can help you achieve your best smile, schedule a complimentary consultation. We have three convenient locations, in Glen Allen and Hanover, VA.

Everyone at Dominion Orthodontics looks forward to welcoming you to our orthodontic family; we can’t wait to get started on your new smile — one you’ll love for a lifetime!

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